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My friend and me on New Year’s Eve in New York

I'm back again, peeps! My break was awesome, as I could both go home and travel to New Orleans, Boston, and New York with my friends! Other than the fact that I didn't do any of my winter reading, so now I'm low-key cramming an entire 360-page book in one day, everything was perfect! And one interesting thing I've learnt from traveling is that how extremely fortunate I am to be at Dartmouth.

Growing up in Vietnam, identity has never been a problem for me. Coming to Dartmouth, I've personally never experienced any identity problems here, because I always feel involved. My professors treat me respectfully, and I receive the same opportunities and resources on campus as any other student. My friends come from very diverse backgrounds, and still we get along really well. Even the people in Hanover are as welcome to me as to others. Naturally, I've forgotten the fact that I'm a foreigner, and belong to the minorities here.

However, when I traveled to New Orleans, Boston, and New York, I became very aware of my identity and how people treat me differently because I'm Asian. That was a little shocking for me, as I was used to feeling equal at Dartmouth. The insecurity of being an outsider put me on edge, and added a slight sad taste of reality to my travel. One of my favorite moments during my travel would probably be how I felt so relieved and welcomed getting on the Dartmouth Coach on New Year's Day to go back to campus. It felt like going home.