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Hello! I’m Amy Guan, a ’20 at Dartmouth from Princeton, NJ. Before arriving at the College on the Hill, I was an avid journalist for my high school newspaper and news broadcast, a long-time musician (both as a pianist with my high school orchestra and as a solo pianist studying at a local conservatory), and a passionate social activist. I’m currently studying Economics and Computer Science—a somewhat drastic change from my activities in high school—and am considering a QSS or International Studies minor.

On campus, I’m involved with the DALI (Digital Arts, Leadership, & Innovation) Lab, where I work with different organizations and teams to design and develop web and mobile apps, the Dickey Center’s International Business Council, the Thayer Consulting Club (a club through the Thayer School of Engineering that hosts an annual Case Competition and different workshops throughout the year), chamber music, and the DSO (Dartmouth Symphony Orchestra). I also tutor for economics and am part of the Global Village LLC. I recently starting ice skating lessons for PE credit, so I’ve also been having a lot of fun starting up figure skating again!

A few fun facts about me outside of my life at Dartmouth:

  • I once snuck onto set with one of my friends and filmed a scene with Justin Timberlake when he came to Princeton!
  • I religiously watch and re-watch Gossip Girl and Friends on Netflix because I’m too lazy to look for other shows (and because they took Friday Night Lights off!).
  • My senior year of high school, I played a solo with my high school orchestra when we went on our European tour, and that experience continues to be one of the highlights of my life.
  • I can’t stand cheese, and I disliked bananas and walnuts so much as a child that I’m somehow actually allergic to them now.

I hope you’ll enjoy reading about my experiences here at Dartmouth and gain some insight into the life of a Dartmouth student! I’m always up to answer any questions about anything, from classes to dining hall hacks to my favorite dogs on campus, so don’t be shy!

Amy and friends in nature