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Do you find that city kids have more difficulty adjusting to life at Dartmouth than students from rural or suburban locales? The idea of a radical change of scenery from NYC really appeals to me, but sometimes I wonder if it would be too different.

A: Jon

There are a couple qualities that I miss about living in a large city, but they are qualities I've had my whole life prior to coming to Dartmouth. Living in an isolated area has been an incredible experience that is pretty unique. Dartmouth's location is perfect for so many activities like hiking, skiing, swimming, canoeing, and so much more. Plus, there's something rather romantic about the scenery of the New Hampshire/Vermont area and its locals. Despite it's location many important people still visit Dartmouth. Bill Clinton visited in the fall leading up to the 2016 election. Berry Jenkins, the director of the Oscar-winning Moonlight visits Dartmouth this week, and Yo-Yo Ma visits for a performance in April. Though I have and most likely always will consider myself a "city person", I actually prefer the fact that Dartmouth is pretty much in the middle of nowhere because it's experience I may never have again.