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the woods in the winter with snow

Dartmouth is an incredible place to be in the winter. Yes, the temperatures may dip below zero, but can you honestly say you wouldn't like to see images like this everyday?  For those of you who have never seen real snow, you're in for a winter full of Kodak moments. Think of it this way: for every huge snow that rolls through Hanover, be prepared for a bevy of beautiful images snapped by you and your friends. Honestly, throughout the winter I find myself stopping to take pictures even when I'm just walking around. Below you can find some of my favorite pictures of campus during my winter terms at Dartmouth.

I believe this is what's called a chiaroscuro? After a hard morning practice at the boathouse, it's always nice to see the sun peak through the stairs on the way to class.

Oh wow, another early morning picture! Must've been walking to lift when I took this picture... which means it was like 6am.

Just a typical Winter Tuesday after class.


Wow, Dartmouth hall matches the snow!