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Happy MLK weekend! Many of you might utilize this long weekend to visit colleges, and whether you're visiting one school or several, it's important to be strategic during your visits. College visits are a very exciting opportunity to explore a potential future home! Although these visits can feel overwhelming at times, it's important to ask questions. Here are some suggestions of things to ask your tour guide, or students you meet on your journey:

  1. Are you on the quarter system or a semester school?
  2. How long are the terms or semesters?
  3. Are students able to study abroad? How many students end up taking advantage of the opportunity? (hint, at Dartmouth the answer is yes!)
  4. In your opinion, what is the most special thing about this school?
  5. Is Greek life a large part of the campus?
  6. How many classes do students take at one time?
  7. Are you allowed to choose your roommate? If not, how does the college pair roommates?
  8. How many hours of classes do students take each week?
  9. Are classes taught by professors or teaching assistants?
  10. On average, how many people are in a class?
  11. What are the student gymnasiums like?
  12. Do most people just have one major, or are double majors and minors common?
  13. Do students live in residence or off campus? What's that like?
  14. Does the dining hall offer dietary options? Be honest, how's the food?
  15. Are you able to do research as an undergraduate student?
  16. Does the college use the residential housing system?
  17. What is the weather like on campus? Is it what you expected?
  18. Are there any pre-requisites for graduation?
  19. What are students up to on the weekends?
  20. How easy is it for students to meet with professors?
  21. What are the large school events or traditions?
  22. Do you feel safe on campus? What is the security like?
  23. Are students allowed to bring their cars to school? Do you feel like you need a car?
  24. Is tutoring available for students? Is it free?
  25. What clubs are offered by the school?
  26. Are sports a large part of student life? Do students go to games, even if they're not athletes?
  27. What health services are offered for students?
  28. Are students required to be on a meal plan?
  29. What art programs are offered for undergraduates? Are there art shows and performing arts productions to see?
  30. Is there a student newspaper?

If you can't visit campus, you can ask Dartmouth students questions here!


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