As a former (very burnt out) high school competitive swimmer, I came to Dartmouth thinking that I never wanted to jump into a pool again. That decision quickly changed when I met Hallie and PJ, two '17s on the water polo team, my freshman fall. The energy and love they shared for the team that day convinced me to attend the team's first practice a few weeks later. Even though I was a newcomer to the sport, they welcomed me as one of their own. I suddenly found myself back where I vowed I'd never be: swimming, treading, and eggbeater-ing my way through the water.

After four years of late-night practices, weekend tourneys, and lots of time outside the pool together, I can confidently say that joining the Women's Water Polo family (and being involved in a club sport in general) has definitely been one of my best decisions at Dartmouth. Here are a few reasons why: