Sunset Snowshoeing
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For people like me, having grown up in New England and being an avid pond hockey player, nothing is more exciting than the prospect of a frigid winter wonderland. But if you're from anywhere from Southern California to deserts abroad, you may reasonably find that concept a little scary.

Me in winter clothing
Me in my wintery comfort clothes
In fact, many of the other accepted students I spoke with before coming to campus were more concerned about the winters than anything else, asking me how many extra blankets they should bring and how many feet of snow we'd get in October. Ironically enough, I'd answer both those questions with none, and I promise I'm not crazy when I say you'll probably have your fan on in the middle of January (our heaters are pretty powerful). With all considered, I'm not going to pretend that it won't be cold, because it will be, but I can promise that the winter weather shouldn't dissuade you. Truly, it's something to revel in; as college is going to be full of all new experiences, cold weather activities are just another something to throw in the mix. Even if you have no exposure to frigid temperatures, I can assure you they will be bearable. Just take, for instance, a friend of mine from India, where temperatures never drop below 60º; he refuses to wear anything but jeans and a t-shirt even when he can see his breath, which even I'll admit is a little crazy, but it does prove a point.
A friend walking around in a t-shirt
Eashwar facing the elements
Now that mid-November is starting to roll in, the cold weather is starting to approach as the term nears its end. Winter hats and jackets are becoming a normal sight, and "warmcutting" through the Gold Coast dorms is beginning to seem increasingly practical. Waking up to a frosty Green and trace amounts of snow in the gardens are signs of the season ahead, and I personally couldn't be more excited. As Dartmouth's campus bundles up, a frozen Occom Pond and an upcoming Winer Carnival loom on the horizon, ways that the college embraces the elements and crafts a uniquely New Hampshire experience. While I do suggest bringing some extra layers and a warm pair of slippers, Dartmouth truly makes the best of the cold. The campus has a beautiful air when the trees are adorned with an icy glaze, one that you have to feel yourself to believe. Even if freezing temperatures are out of your element, it's tough not to learn to love the New England weather given a little bit of time. With that said, don't let the cold dissuade you; step out of your element, and I promise, Dartmouth will be sure to deliver a pleasant surprise.
Frosty Green
The frosty Green on a Monday morning...