Jul throwing discus.
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Behind the scenes: me exploring!
This is me on my official visit for basketball at Dartmouth.
Choosing to come to Dartmouth was the most life-changing decision that I have made to date. Deciding to move away from home (to a different country!) to attend college was a huge deciding factor in my college search. I knew that I wanted to go to college away from where I grew up and that meant lots of traveling to visit different campuses. Visiting colleges can be exciting, but is often very daunting. For some, traveling across the country to visit campus is a challenge. Here are the best ways to learn about a school without actually visiting the campus.
  1. Virtual Tours: Head over to the school's main webpage to find a virtual tour of the campus. Often located on the admissions page, virtual tours are a great way to get a feel for the campus and where buildings are situated. Virtual tours often have a map overview with information about each building, or area of campus. My favourite virtual tour that Dartmouth has to offer is found on the athletics page and is an in-depth overview of the athletic facilities at Dartmouth.
  2. YouTube Channel: YouTube is one of my favourite places to learn about anything, especially when I don't necessarily feel like reading. YouTube is also a great resource for researching schools, as many colleges have a YouTube channel. Dartmouth's YouTube channel has videos ranging from different classes to sports games, to homecoming, to student profiles. This is a great way to learn about all aspects of a school, not just the campus, and will hopefully provide a broad overview.
  3. Blogs: Take advantage of blogs like "People, Places, Pines" that provide an inside look at what life is like at a college. Our blog covers a variety of topics; articles are written by students just like yourself to ensure that the content is authentic.
  4. Local Interviews: Dartmouth alumni live all over the world and are very passionate about their time at Dartmouth. Many of these alums would be more than willing to answer questions you have about the school and tell you about their time in Hanover. In addition, the Dartmouth application includes an interview portion where you meet with an alum. Not only is this a great way to learn about Dartmouth firsthand, but it helps you create meaningful relationships - the first of many the Dartmouth community has to offer.
  5. Social Media: Social media is a huge part of today's culture and can be used to your advantage when choosing a college. Information on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook can help you learn about what the college's focus is academically, socially, culturally, etc. Social media also allows you to get in touch with current students and learn more about what everyday life is like at that school.


  1. The first of many photo shoots in front of Baker-Berry Library!
    Jumping for joy at my dream school.