Jul throwing discus.
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Freshmen year was one of the most exciting, and scary, years of my life. Moving away from home, adjusting to college athletics, and making friends were all incredible learning experiences. In addition, taking classes at a top academic institution was no easy adjustment. However, many classes freshman year will help you figure out what you are passionate about studying and will help you begin to establish relationships with other students and faculty. This week, I've compiled a list of the best/favourite classes that my friends and I took freshman year.

One of the best places to study in the winter - Baker-Berry Library
  1. ENGS 2 - Integrated Design: Engineering, Architecture, and Building Technology This is a hands-on class that introduces students to the important relationship between engineering and architecture.
  2. RUSS 7 - Who Is the Terrorist To fulfill the first-year seminar requirement, this class discusses the history of terrorism and addresses many current events.
  3. GOVT 5 - International Politics Government 5 addresses how different countries interact politically and is a great basis for other government classes.
  4. WGSS 10 - Sex, Gender and Society A class that is comprised of very thought-provoking discussions and is also project-based.
    Here's me sitting on the cardboard chair I made in ENGS 2.
  5. BIO 2 - Human Biology Bio 2 is a great class if you would like to brush up on biology that you learned in high school.
  6. THEA 30 - Acting 1 A very interactive class and a great way to fulfill your arts distribution requirement.
  7. SPEE 20 - Public Speaking In this class you will learn how to structure speeches. This is a great skill to have going forward in your Dartmouth career and beyond.
  8. PSYC 6 - Introduction to Neuroscience A very interesting class that focuses more on the biology side of psychology.
  9. EDUC 1 - The Learning Brain: Introduction to Child Development and Education This was one of my favourite classes last year. It is so interesting to learn about the education system and how our brains once developed.
  10. EARS 3 - Elementary Oceanography In this class you will explore the ocean, which takes up approximately 70% of the Earth's surface, utilizing different skills to learn more about the "unknown."
  11. COLT 1 - Read the World Learn how to read! (and discover different media from different cultures across time).
  12. MATH 3 - Calculus Although this is a challenging class for some, it is a prerequisite for many majors.
  13. ENVS 2 - Introduction to Environmental Sciences Many students do not have the opportunity to study environmental sciences in depth in high school and this class is a broad introduction to the field.
  14. HIST 3 - Europe in Medieval and Early Modern Times An extremely interesting class that is fast-paced, as it moves through the very important history of Europe and gives context to many current events.
  15. ENGS 21 - Introduction to Engineering A group-project based class that is focused on designing and developing a product over the course of the term.
  16. HUM 1 - Dialogues with the Classics Admission to this class is by application only and will fulfill the first year writing requirement.
  17. SPAN 1 - Spanish 1 A popular language to study at Dartmouth, Spanish 1 creates a basis for the further study of the language and the fulfillment of the mandatory language requirement.
  18. ASTR 1 - Exploration of the Solar System An awesome class that allows students to continue their education outside of the classroom by utilizing the observatory on campus!
  19. COSC 1 - Introduction to Programming and Computation Many students take this class because they have an interest in computer science.
  20. ENGS 12 - Design Thinking Weekly projects that utilize brainstorming and planning to introduce students to one of the fundamental principles of engineering: design.
  21. PBPL 5 - Introduction to Public Policy Offers a large overview of public policy to students who may be interested in minoring in the field.
  22. SOCY 34 - Health Disparities This sociology class looks at disease and sickness from political, geographical and economic perspectives.
    A photo of my best friend and me on the first day of sophomore year!
    When choosing classes, I think it's really important to ask the professor for the syllabus. This way you can see if the class is exam-based or paper-based, consider the schedule of the class and learn more about the content. From personal experience, you will be more successful in a class that you are passionate about! -Jul