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During O-Week -- or orientation week -- before my first fall term on campus, I managed the impossible. I sprained my ankle walking down a small incline on the way to the Choates, one of the freshman dorms on campus. I was on my way to pick up a friend to go to the A Cappella showcase and ended up on the ground... somehow. I’m still not sure how it happened, but I got up, hobbled my way to the show, and went to bed. Needless to say, the next morning my ankle was the size of a large tomato. I went to Dick’s House, our infirmary, and lo and behold, I had sprained my ankle three days before classes started. I was to elevate it and “take it easy” for the next few weeks. I matriculated and shook President Hanlon’s hand with a brace on my ankle.

Girl selfie with President Hanlon
One of the main traditions of matriculation is shaking President Hanlon's hand -- and an unofficial tradition is taking a selfie with him.
Since I wasn’t allowed to leave my room too much, I would leave my door open so my floormates could at least pop in to say hi once in awhile. I would hobble out of my room into the common room to get my ice pack from the freezer and say hi to everyone as well. There are usually a ton of things to do for first-years on the first couple weeks of fall term -- movie nights, karaoke, shows, etc. -- but I wanted to rest as much as possible to get better, so I missed most of them. Our dorm was also relatively far from most things compared to the other freshman dorms, so most people stayed in the common rooms or in the study rooms to study or hang out. I didn’t do much other than that and got to know my floormates relatively well.
Group of students on snow
Even though most of us were jet lagged, we started off our first winter at Dartmouth sledding on the golf course!
Two years later, I still hang out with them. Maybe not as much as we did freshman year -- we all live in different houses and dorms, and have busier schedules than we did our first terms. Planning dinners or movie nights is hard when we all have different schedules and D-Plans, but we somehow make it work.
Group of people in front of backdrop
My old floor joined me at the annual Latinx Heritage Month Gala my sophomore year.
Even though my sprain made me late to my first class ever -- I didn’t anticipate how many stairs there were on my way to class -- I can’t help but think that it forced me to get to know my now-best friends. And I wouldn’t trade that for anything. 
group of students in front of baker library
Since we lived on Bildner/Rauner 4th floor, we called our floor Br4uner (and still do!).