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Where's the best place for a snack on campus?

A: sarah

My favorite place to eat on campus is at the '53 Commons or Foco. I like to eat here because they have a good selection of gluten-free options (I have celiac) and it's so fun to eat with all your friends. My favorite snack on campus would probably be a smoothie at Collis. My go-to is a mango, peach, and soft-serve smoothie. In town, I love to get gelato from Morano Gelato as a snack. -Julianna '20 //

 For lunch, I love to go to Collis to get Thai peanut chicken stir fry with a pineapple-mango and guava juice smoothie. Favorite snack is chocolate-covered almonds from Novack. - Carlos '21 //

Depends on what you like! Last year I loved FoCo—it has great variety and an endless supply of fruits, vegetables, and chocolate-chip cookies. This term Collis is my favorite—it specializes in eggs, stir fry, pasta, smoothies made to order, plus a lunch special and soups whose selection changes daily. My favorite snack is probably a smoothie (banana, strawberry, blueberry, peach, cinnamon, Greek yogurt, and almond milk is my go-to combination, but everyone develops their own!) and muffin, but I agree with Carlos that the chocolate-covered almonds are delicious too! - Sarah '20 //

Always the Hop and nothing but the Hop. Technically it's called the Courtyard Cafe, but there's nothing better than a buffalo tender queso or one of their cinnamon buns as a snack. - Brian '21 //   Foco honestly because they change the menu every day and the line is not as bad as the Hop or Collis. Sometimes I have the stir fry at Collis for super late lunch (like at 3). - Autumn '21 //  

Collis is definitely the best place to eat on campus! I usually order chicken stir-fry with brown rice and teriyaki and Thai peanut sauce. For dinner, Collis stir-fry pasta is delicious! I like to add spinach, broccoli, and other veggies with marinara sauce. As for snacks, King Arthur Flour (KAF) has AMAZING almond-cloud cookies! Not the healthiest option, but it's freaking delicious. - Colleen '19