Greetings from McNutt, where we are all still full from last week's Taste of the Territories. Admissions staffers brought back snacks from the regions they visited this fall or prepared dishes inspired by their territories. We had...

  • Angie's homemade biscuits inspired by her home state of North Carolina 
  • Eric's pan-Southern chicken and waffles and South Carolinian pimento cheese, neither of which he'll share the recipe for
  • California oranges from Jenni and Gina
  • See's Candy from Jenni (another California staple, and perhaps one of the few boxes of chocolate where you don't know exactly what you're going to get, but it will always be good)
  • Vermont Chutney from Sara
  • Potato gratin made using potatoes from Jade's 50 lb for $15 find in Maine
  • Greg's Latin American-inspired rice
  • New Mexico mango and other candies from Steven
  • Buffalo chicken dip from Ali (like Buffalo, New York, get it?)
  • Avocado bean dip from Belinda, which I can confirm is the bulk of many Californian's diets
  • Quiche with Canadian bacon inspired by Isabel's trip to Quebec
  • And more! It just kept coming!

Eric, of chicken and waffles fame, put the event together and taught us the proper way to season the southern classic: powdered sugar + maple syrup (the syrup can be from Vermont though, right?).



What food should we make sure to check out the next time we're in your area? AOs are always on the lookout for rec's for areas we're not as familiar with -- plus it gives us something to look forward to for next year! We have a long winter ahead of us though, since as the marquee in Eric's office reminds us, reading is coming...


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