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Upon coming to Dartmouth, you'll quickly realize that we do a lot of traveling. Whether you go on a FSP (Foreign Study Program) or LSA (Language Study Abroad), or you go traveling with your friends, we move around a lot. As I write this, I'm at Gate 10 at Manchester-Boston Regional Airport on my way to Washington D.C. where I will vie for the National Youth of the Year title.

Casually writing this blog post before boarding my flight

When I first realized that I would be missing week 3 of classes due to this competition I began to panic and worry. I wondered how would I be able to keep up with the work, and if the college would understand this commitment I have. Over the summer I emailed my Dean Teoby Gomez (he's super cool and informative) who assured me that it can be worked out and even congratulated me! He said to speak with my Profs (short for Professor, you'll pick up the lingo) which I did on day 1 of classes. All of my Profs assured me that thy didn't have any problems so long as I completed my work. I was proactive and looked ahead on the syllabi and planned out what I would need to do ahead of time so I wouldn't have a mountain of work piled up when I returned. Not only did all of the people concerned understand, they were all encouraging and wanted me to take advantage of this incredible opportunity. The beautiful thing about our college (yes, ours because you're already a part of the family too) is that everyone will encourage you to continue doing great and amazing things. We don't stop being leaders once we're accepted, if anything, you are presented with more opportunities to share your talents and change the world around you. I think they might've just called my flight to board.... so I'll catch you all later. OH! Don't think I've forgotten about the bell toller (it's officially a word now); it's an ongoing investigation.


Gate 10