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When I came to Dartmouth, I wasn't exactly sure what I wanted to do after college, but I knew it would probably have something to do with business. From my first entrepreneurial experience with lemonade stands growing up to the small business I had during high school, business and entrepreneurship seemed to always have a place in my life--and I was excited to explore this at Dartmouth and beyond. BUT, as you may know, Dartmouth does not have a business major! Because we are a liberal arts institution, we do not have an undergraduate business school. Luckily, this hasn't stopped me from pursuing a future in business, and the liberal arts focus has allowed me to explore other interests I didn't even know I had! So, here are 3 of the many ways I've pursued my passion of business without being a business major at Dartmouth.

So, those are three of the ways I've pursued my interest in business at Dartmouth without being a business major. But, this list could go on to include the time I spent working as a Paganucci Fellow this summer with the Tuck School of Business, my spring spent interning at a technology start-up in Mexico City with full funding from the Dartmouth Entrepreneurial Network, the applied business management course curriculum I've been asked to try out for a Tuck professor this term, or the funding I've received to research and promote female entrepreneurship and empowerment in South America and East Asia over the next two years. So, stay tuned for a deeper dive into these opportunities in upcoming blogs!