I'm back in Hanover (for a bit) from my three week sojourn of the mid-west! During a lull in the Lexington airport, I went through my itinerary and photos and did some counting...

6 states

14 hotels

57 high schools 

4 flights (6 if you count connecting flights through Newark)

2 seasons of Crazy Ex-Girlfriend

2 Jewish high holidays

1 hockey game

3 rental cars

1 trip to the Chicago Zoo and Lincoln Park Conservatory (peep the dinosaurs set up in the fern room)

2 state capitals (Madison, WI and Indianapolis, IN)

1 visit with my sister (she makes a mean cheese plate)          


4 trips to Target (1 toothbrush, 1 roll of electric tape, 1 button up because I was getting sick of my work clothes, 1 box of tea, 1 trip for snacks to combat hanger)

1 reserved parking space that according to one guidance counselor, might be the most photographed parking space in Kentucky


1 "Dartmouth" cookie         


2 bus rides 2 Great Lakes (Michigan and Eerie)

bench in park overlooking Lake Michigan
Lake Michigan, as seen from Buckley Park in Milwaukee
1 suspenseful Minneapolis airport tram ride with my fellow AO Hayden
one last lake before the airport in MN

9 alums met (and 1 drink out of a shark cup?? Okay, Milwaukee)

670+ brochures given out

5 Waffle Houses I passed and regretted not patronizing

1 really adorable pug (his name is Hank and yes this is the second time he's on my blog because he's amazing)


3 stains on my Dartmouth banner (I think they happened all at once?? I'll get it dry cleaned, I promise, but as you can see I'm pretty good at strategically covering them with brochures)  

Next week, I'm off to the west coast! I'll be spending most of my time in my hometown of San Diego, where I'm eager to visit my alma mater!