Sunset Snowshoeing
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I always try to stay in contact with my friends back home, it’s a great way to avoid homesickness and remember your roots. But lately, I’ve been receiving tons of texts inquiring about just how difficult an Ivy League education must be. I feel like many of my old companions look at it like I must never have any free time, none to just let loose and have fun.

The Judge basement laboratory
Early-morning labs reports with Jacob in the Judge basement
I’m not going to lie about the workload; it’s very tough, and Dartmouth expects a lot out of their students, but that doesn’t mean it’s not any fun. In fact, I’m having the time of my life just due to little, quirky everyday experiences. While I do have to devote a lot of time to studying, I’ve forged incredible connections in the mere three weeks that I’ve been here, and I do new things every day. For instance, this last week I’ve been working on my first lab report for Physics 15, for which my partner and I had to make an oscillating system which we could model the movement of. After rigorously debating for days over the subject of our experiments, we stumbled upon the shaft of a broken shovel and a ping-pong table, and soon later, our pendulum was born (see above).
Franconia Ridge
Our hike on Franconia Ridge
And the fun didn’t stop there; we couldn’t find a scale to measure the weight, so we ended up fabricating a makeshift pulley-balance out of parachute cord and a few water bottles. These tiny, geeky moments of scientific insight have been some of my favorite instants on campus, and they’re sure to happen all around you during your time at Dartmouth.
People dancing instead of doing homework.
A productive night of homework...
Also, last weekend I went on my first hiking trip with Cabin and Trail, where I climbed a mile-high mountain with a bunch of people I’d never met before! While this may seem intimidating at a first glance, it was a boatload of fun and incredibly easy to take part in. All I had to do is write down my email and pay $8 for the ride, and before I knew it, I was hanging out with ten new friends on top of Mt. Lafayette! While hiking in itself is an inherently recreational experience, us Dartmouth students have a particularly unique way to make fun out of far less amusing situations. For instance, since I didn’t have a class until the next afternoon, a bunch of my floormates and I decided to stay up late and catch up on homework one night. By the time we all hauled off to bed, we had achieved a spot the on eminent Ivy League Snapchat story and had a (semi-)productive night in the process. While the last few weeks may have been the busiest of my life, they’ve also been some of the best, so I sincerely hope the workload won’t deter you from applying. Hopefully, I’ll be able to see you having just as much fun next year!