I apologize for not posting much recently! But coming back from Washington D.C. to a week's worth of school work was not fun. Let's just say that week 4 (combined with my work from week 3) definitely took the juice out of me.

A very tired Carlos on his way back to Dartmouth. This was my connecting flight from Newark, NJ (25 mins away from where I live).
I arrived on campus at 1 AM to find that there were people on my floor that were still up, some doing work and others looking for food—midnight snacks save lives. I barely opened my door when my roommates got up to congratulate me and talk briefly about everything's that happened since I was away. I put my luggage to the side—it is still unpacked—and went to bed. Later that day, I met up with all of my friends and had dinner with them at FOCO (short for Food Court) which was the highlight of coming back. It felt nice to be with everyone, having dinner, making jokes and just enjoying each other's presence. I hadn't realized how much I had missed them until that moment. Something as simple as dinner at FOCO with my friends became the highlight of my night. Luckily, I was able to catch up on my work and hand everything in on time. It took many long nights of hard work, but somehow I managed to do two weeks of work in one. Afterward, I didn't want to do anything and ended up staying in my bed taking a well-deserved nap.
A snap from one of those long nights of Baker Tower. The time reads: 4:50 AM
  I came back right when Homecoming was approaching; the very next weekend was Homecoming weekend. Did I touch the fire? The short answer: no. BUT, I did get to help build it. So, technically I touched wood that was set on fire, which therefore means I touched the fire. At Dartmouth, it is tradition to kick off Homecoming Weekend with a giant bonfire in the middle of the green. The 35-foot bonfire is built by your peers with the help of professionals. I was able to participate in building the bonfire and it was pretty awesome.  
Some of the '21s who helped build the bonfire. In the background is Baker Tower!

Many of the alumni come back to campus with their families and participate in the Bonfire ceremony by watching and rooting the incoming class--the '21s--along with the upperclass(wo)men. 

Homecoming Weekend was a ton of fun and it is probably one of the most spirited weekends I have experienced so far. I cannot wait to see the '22s running around the fire next fall!