connecticut river
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A view of the Baker Library Tower from the Green.
sunset on campus
A view from a mountain in Huntington, VT.
A late summer’s afternoon on the Connecticut River.

Without a doubt, Hanover is in the middle of nowhere–but that’s the beautiful part. To be honest, I hadn’t heard of Hanover, New Hampshire until I considered coming to Dartmouth.  But even as a self-proclaimed city person, my experience “in the woods” is something I will alway cherish. Outside the classroom Dartmouth looks like summer camp.  Just this week, after a long rowing practice, I was able to spot the sunset over the mountains of the Upper Valley.

Speaking of mountains, Dartmouth is surrounded by them. There are myriads of paths to hike ranging from easy to difficult.

For those who love outdoor activities, Dartmouth has an incredibly active Outing Club that participates in hiking, canoeing, fishing, mountain biking, and more! Oh, and you have to see the Connecticut River. In addition to being the home of Dartmouth Rowing, Dartmouth students and visitors canoe and paddle board on the river throughout the fall and spring; basically when it’s not too cold (except the rowing teams, we are out there as long as it’s not frozen).

This summer I had a visiting professor from the New School who comes here in the summer to teach classes and spend time with his family. Enjoying the Upper Valley with your family while teaching classes is a pretty awesome way to spend the summer. My future career possibly??? Even if Dartmouth doesn’t end up being your college destination, I recommend a visit at some point. Dartmouth and the surrounding Upper Valley is simply too beautiful to miss.