brain scan

I'm going to start with a disclaimer: the Pre-Health track at Dartmouth is not easy. Many a time, I have been on the struggle bus and questioned why I chose it. However, that doesn't mean that it's impossible or that it's not worth it. If you're passionate about health in any variety of forms, I promise, it's worth it! As I'm taking my last two Pre-Health courses this year (I can hardly believe it!), I've been able to reflect on some of the things that have made being a Pre-Health here at Dartmouth fun, amidst all the business and distraction.

Another disclaimer: These are all my personal experiences with the Pre-Health track (Read: track, not major). While I'm sure not every Pre-Health student shares these experiences, I think everyone does find things that make the tough stuff worth it. In looking back at some of the snapshots of my Pre-Health life, I've highlighted some of the things I've loved getting to explore through health and science-related courses and opportunities. My favorites include…  


When I worked in Professor Tse's Neuroscience lab through the Women in Science Project. I learned how to scan subjects in the fMRI and got to be scanned myself for one of the lab projects. (This is a picture of my brain!) Funny story-I sent this to my mom one week after lab and she freaked out, thinking something was wrong with me. I forgot to tell her it was for my research until after…#sorrymom  

brain picture neuroscience lab

Making lab fun!

When I got to play with Azo Dyes in organic chemistry lab and make pretty colors, and collaborated with my lab buddies to combine our colors and create art!! (Okay, maybe I shouldn't go so far as to call it art…but who is to say chemists can't paint with dyes??)   Or, when I dreaded going to Chem lab but decided to dress up my stuffed teddy bear in lab goggles to make it just a little more bearable (get it?).  

chemistry azo dyes orgo lab

bear and orgo lab notebook

Holiday festivities

When I have to walk into the chemistry or physics building, I get cheered up by a Chem-set Christmas tree the department sets out! Every year I forget about it, and every year it successfully surprises me. Day = made.

chemistry christmas tree


When I get so excited about Shadowing a PCP (read: Primary Care Physician) through the Nathan Smith Society Shadowing Program that I have to snap all my friends and let them know. (Yes, I'm a nerd. But, it's okay- they are too.) I'm really excited to get to visit a clinic this term and to ask questions about life as a primary care doc!    

adina with shadowing badge premed post

Those are just some of the many things that I've enjoyed as part of my life as a Dartmouth Pre-Health. Looking ahead, I can confidently say that I'm excited to see where next steps take me in learning more about health and health professions!