What do AOs do all day while we're on the road? I can't speak for all AOs, but here's what my days in Detroit looked like...

7:00 am

Wake to the Michigan sunrise, play music while I'm getting ready (I've been jamming to Greta Ray's "Drive").

8:00 am

First visit of the day! Maybe I'll meet with a smaller group of seniors, like when I ran into our pal Christian, who I met over the summer at Dartmouth Bound -- he's been carrying around his Dartmouth name tag and meal card, just in case. Four high school students hold Dartmouth brochures

9:15 am

In between visits, text work friends their horoscopes -- it looked like Hayden has some soul searching to do today and Angie might work on clearly defining her goals. We don't take our horoscopes too seriously, but it's a fun way to connect on the road. I'm not sure when to send Elkie's hers though, since by the time I wake up her day is just about done in Tokyo.

10:30 am

Lunch visit! (Also why do you guys have lunch so early in the day?) I had a great visit with this group of mostly juniors who spotted me in the midst of a very crowded hallway looking very lost. They rescued me and we had a lot of fun!

Seven high school students pose with a Dartmouth poster  

11:27 am

Head to next visit, stop to take photos of Dartmouth-y street signs (i.e. Lone Pine Road).

12:24 pm

I always get excited when I see a poster for Dartmouth or a flyer advertising my visit, but it's also really exciting to introduce Dartmouth or even the liberal arts as a whole to a new group.  

3:00 pm

Check into my hotel, work out in their fitness center or do an ab workout in my room while listening to Planet Money (idk it works).

4:30 pm

Have a dork early dinner (maybe I'm influenced by your early lunches), probably at Chipotle or Panera if I want something fast/want something familiar and steadfast. It looks like they're rolling out queso in Michigan Chipotles -- I tried it, and I can't say I loved it but I also am not a big queso person to begin with (I know, I know controversial opinion).      

7:00 pm

Do some work, watch some Crazy Ex-Girlfriend (almost done with season 2!), and make sure all my materials are together for the next day so I can do it all again!