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For three weeks before classes started, I volunteered with the First Year Trips Program, or “Trips” as we call it, as a member of Hanover Croo (HCroo). Essentially, Trips is an outdoor orientation program where incoming students are sent into the woods with 5-8 other first year students and two upperclassmen Trip Leaders to do activities like hiking, biking, canoeing and cabin camping. You can learn more about the Trips program here.

HCroo is responsible for entertaining students during their time and Hanover and making sure that they have everything they need to survive in the woods for 3 days. My main job on HCroo was managing the food room where I kept inventory and helped students with dietary restrictions.

HCroo members dressed in flair pose for a picture.
On the most fun parts of HCroo is that we get to wear eccentric clothing that we call flair. My black cat ear headband was a staple of my wardrobe during HCroo.
My friends and I posing on the Robinson Hall lawn. Everyday HCroo enthusiastically chased the Premier coach (behind us) with students as they departed to or returned from their trips.
Overall, participating in the Trips program was one of the most fulfilling experiences I’ve had at Dartmouth so far. The days were long and I went through spells of exhaustion, but it was well worth it.