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Hello! I’d like to delve a little bit deeper into one of my extracurricular involvements at Dartmouth: the Model United Nations Club. In high school, I participated in Model United Nations for three years and attended the Johns Hopkins Model United Nations Conference (JHUMUNC) every year. Coming into college, I knew that I wanted to continue being involved with the organization so I joined the Dartmouth club. At the moment, the group does not have a competition team - the only thing we do is run a conference for 500+ high school students. Whether we are debating important topics or making cheesy Model UN jokes with delegates (see blog post title), the Dartmouth Model United Nations Conference, or DartMUN as we abbreviate it, is loads of fun!For those of you unfamiliar with Model United Nations, here is the gist: a typical conference simulates the real United Nations by allowing delegates to engage in debate and resolution writing. Like the real United Nations, each conference has a wide variety of committees that discuss topics ranging from nuclear disarmament to the rights of indigenous people to maritime regulations. In addition to these traditional committees, many conferences offer committees with topics that are not necessarily United Nations related, but are interesting, relevant and challenge delegates to critically think about and debate other issues.

A general assembly committee at the Dartmouth Model United Nations Conference
A general assembly committee at the Dartmouth Model United Nations Conference

The committee I directed this year was one of these unique committees. It was an ad-hoc committee where delegates did not know the topic of the committee until they arrived at Dartmouth for the conference. As a committee director, it was my responsibility to work with my co-director and an undersecretary general (our supervisor) to select a topic and create ~30 fictional crises for the delegates to solve in committee (We almost never go through this many crises, but better safe than sorry). After much discussion, we opted to make the committee the board of Directors of Uber. Delegates were assigned roles like Director of Finance, Director of Strategic Initiatives or Chief Executive Officer. For better or worse, Uber’s many mishaps in the months after we chose our committee topic gave us A LOT of material to work with. Typically for ad-hoc committees directors fabricate crises, but in this case we took actual articles straight from news outlets for crisis material. Some of the incidents we used were the scandal where Uber Engineers were designing apps to evade authorities and the issues the company had with self driving cars.

My involvement with the Dartmouth Model UN has been hugely impactful on my Dartmouth experience.  I’ve been able to meet new people and engage with material that really interests me. Every year since my freshman year I been involved with the DartMUN conference in different capacities. My freshman and junior years I served as a committee director but my sophomore year I served as the Director of Philanthropy, a position that allowed me to make an impact beyond Dartmouth by organizing fundraising for a local charity.  In addition, DartMUN allows me to meet high school delegates and talk to them about my Dartmouth experience and the college admissions process. See you next week!Gabrielle