Lee lookiing at the eclipse
jade viewing the solar eclipse
Elkie viewing the solar eclipse
Hayden viewing the solar eclipse
Daniel viewing the eclipse
Elkie viewing the solar eclipse

Today my fellow AO’s and I took a break from planning our fall travel (see you soon, Michigan, Wisconsin, Indiana, and Kentucky!) to view the eclipse. The Astronomy Department set up a telescope and handed out fancy “eclipse glasses” as a couple hundred members of the community gathered to witness this astronomical event. It seemed like everyone was out on the Green this afternoon, even our Dean of Admissions and Financial Aid, Lee Coffin.

I wasn’t totally sure what to expect, but it was worth going out just to see the look on everyone’s faces when they finally got a chance to try the glasses (the eclipse was pretty cool, too).

AO Angie talked up the eclipse for days, and she even brought an easy to use viewing “device” to share with us — much safer on the eyes to look at the shadow on a sheet of paper than with your bare eyes.