And we're back! While the team here in McNutt Hall is excited to hit the road and ~officially~ begin the next admissions cycle, fall also means the beginning of Fantasy Football (and regular football as well, I'm guessing?). In between calling your high schools to schedule visits, we've been studying and making spreadsheets, or at least Ali and Jade have been.

Two young women in Patriots jerseys look intently at a laptop
Ali and Jade, two AOs on our visitor relations team study up, minutes before the draft commences.

Everyone prepares in different ways -- Director of Financial Aid focused with his favorite tunes (Alicia Keys and Bruno Mars) and some festive headwear.

Dino sported a bathing cap under his -- I don't know, let's call it a money hat?

Some of us were feeling hot already, like our Dean Lee Coffin, who came in first in the league last year -- Emma (in the pink hat) made prizes for the winner and loser from last year. 

Daniel, the last place team from the epic 2016 season, was prepping for his upcoming trip to Africa and wasn't able to accept his prizes in person -- luckily, Ali and Jade accepted them on his behalf.

Rumor has it Daniel will be giving an info session in his last place attire -- you'll have to stop by McNutt to see it for yourself, though.

As for me, today I've learned that there are lots of roles to play in a Fantasy Football League -- apparently someone needs to DJ the draft, and while I hadn't researched the best running backs or quarterbacks, I did have playlists ready to go. There was a lot of Shakira and Beyonce in our conference room today.

I've never played Fantasy Football, but luckily I have my colleague Angie, who has also never played before. Go sports go!

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