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Hey y’all! My name is Matthew, and I just started an exciting new position with the Admissions Office. If you’ve visited Dartmouth before, you may have seen me checking you in at the front desk or giving tours around campus. As a newly hired Admissions Fellow, I now get to blog regularly, so look forward to weekly posts from yours truly! My hope is that my posts serve as a window into the everyday experience of a Dartmouth student and give all you potential applicants out there an opportunity to actually picture yourselves living here on campus. However, please keep in mind that my experiences and perspectives are just one of 4200 students here on campus, and I can promise you that no two Dartmouth students are exactly alike!

While I certainly won’t be able to cover every aspect of what one can do here in Hanover, I hope my writing can serve as one piece of your introduction to Dartmouth and help you along the path of deciding whether or not Dartmouth might be the right fit for you. Since you’ll be hearing from me a lot over the next while, I figured I should start off with some quick background, so I pulled out an old bio I had written and started working it over to turn it into a blog post. I quickly realized that rattling off a list of facts about myself is exactly as boring as it sounds and telling you I’m a Neuroscience major, a member of an a cappella group, and part of the triathlon team is extremely one-dimensional unless I can communicate how spending time doing these things had actually impacted my time as a Dartmouth student. Admitting my aptitude for self-description (loquacious, verbose, grandiloquent, garrulous, periphrastic, etc. are all SAT vocab words you can feel free to plug in here), and realizing that trying to encapsulate my Dartmouth experience into one short introductory post was nearly impossible, I decided to break my introduction into a series of short posts that each focuses on a specific part of how I have spent my time here at Dartmouth and how it has impacted me. I hope that the next couple of weeks will give you chance to not only get to know me better, but also give you a glimpse into the world of club sports, performing arts, and science here at Dartmouth.

Until next week! Matthew '18