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This photo of me (that's me in the red dress) was taken in Auckland, New Zealand at a festival for Waitangi Day, a holiday that celebrated New Zeland's founding. I spent my 2017 Winter term in New Zeland as part of a foreign study program (FSP).
Here I am in Auckland, New Zealand at a festival for Waitangi Day, a holiday that celebrates New Zealand's founding. I spent my 2017 Winter term in New Zealand on a foreign study program (FSP).

Hi! My name is Gabrielle I am a member of the class of 2018. I am originally from Bowie, MD, a suburb 25 minutes east of Washington D.C. At Dartmouth, I am anthropology major and a computer science minor. I am brand new to the admissions office, having just started this week as a Senior Fellow. The senior fellowship is a one-year position that aims to offer a student voice to the undergraduate admissions process. In addition to blogging, I lead information sessions for prospective students, work on various long-term projects, and read  applications for first-year admission.

Aside from my involvement with the admissions office, I am a committee director for the Model United Nations Conference, the inclusivity chair for my sorority, and a student member on the Committee on Standards. When I’m not working on academics or participating in my extracurriculars, I enjoy listening to some of my favorite podcasts, How I Built This, Modern Love, and Freakonomics, and running around Occom Pond on campus. As a rising senior, I hope to use this blog as a forum to reflect on my Dartmouth experience and bring the audience along for my journey through my final year as an undergraduate. This will be a jam-packed year for me as I complete my major and decide my post-graduate plans. All seniors are Dartmouth are required to participate in a culminating experience in their major. In the next few months, I will need to decide whether to do a senior project or write a thesis. Once I graduate, I want to attend law school, but I would like to take two years off before enrolling. What I will do in these two years is still up in the air. I’ve considered all sorts of things including working at a startup, teaching or doing the Peace Corps.

Stay tuned for more blog posts about my adventures at Dartmouth and in the greater Upper Valley area! Gabrielle '18