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My name is Greg Manne and I’m the admissions officer responsible for South and Central America as well as Mexico, Puerto Rico, and South Florida (shout-out América Latina). I wanted to post this short video created by a few of our undergraduate students. In it, they share their experiences at Dartmouth and give you a flavor of what life is like on our lovely campus in Hanover, New Hampshire.


What sets this video apart from others like it is that it is all done in Español. You may be thinking: ¿Por qué hiciste un video en español? Well here’s why!

Many people may not know this, but with 400 million speakers, Spanish is the second most widely spoken language in the world (inching out English with about 350 million). Furthermore, in 2015 the United States moved past Spain as the country with the second largest population of hispanohablantes of any one nation in the world (Mexico is número uno). With these facts in mind, our students were eager to create this video for a couple of reasons:

  1. We want to reach out to Spanish-speaking high school students in los Estados Unidos, América Latina, and España who are thinking about applying to Dartmouth but have not had the opportunity to visit campus or meet a Dartmouth student.
  2. We also hope you will share this video with family and friends who don’t speak English, but want a better understanding of what life is like in Hanover and what kind of opportunities await you at Dartmouth College.

If you want to learn more about Dartmouth and how to apply, you can check out our admissions website and watch our campus tour en español (click in the lower right hand corner to select your language of choice). But without further ado, disfruta nuestro video.

Greg Manne at an admissions event in São Paulo, Brazil
Greg Manne at an admissions event in São Paulo, Brazil

Un cariñoso saludo,

Greg Manne
Admissions Officer & Special Assistant to the Vice Provost



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