Admissions Visits & Programs

School Visits

We can’t make it to all schools, but we try to get to as many as possible. The vast majority of the fall school visits are completed by November so it’s worth checking with your school counselor early in the academic year to see if your school has a visit scheduled.


Our high school visits present an opportunity for you to learn more about Dartmouth and provide a chance for our staff to learn more about your school.


  • Most high school students who receive an invitation will already have added their name to our mailing list. Alternatively, they might have given us their email address during a visit to Dartmouth's campus or may have shown an interest in receiving information about studying at Dartmouth.
  • If you see a poster at your school or hear from your friends that a Dartmouth admissions officer is coming to school to give a talk, you are welcome to attend without having been formally invited.
  • If you receive an email invitation from us, just follow the link in the body of the email and sign up on our school visit registration site.
  • Most of our school visits happen during the school day.
  • If we are not visiting your school, we might be taking part in an information session near you. We travel nationally and internationally so it's worth checking our list of locations.
  • We'd love to see you when we visit your school so come along and give us a chance to meet you!