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Waiting List Information

Additional details for some of the highly qualified applicants whose candidacies we have placed on the waiting list.

About Dartmouth's Waiting List

The small size of our first year class means that we must limit the number of students offered admission to roughly one out of every 10 applicants. The waiting list provides us with one more opportunity to consider the candidacies of accomplished applicants who were not admitted. Fewer than 10 percent of applicants are typically offered a space on the waiting list.

From year to year, we cannot predict the number of applicants who will be admitted from the waiting list. Use of the waiting list is determined by the response we receive from admitted students. Occasionally we are unable to admit any candidates from the waiting list, while in other years we offer admission to dozens of waitlisted applicants.

Admission of applicants from the waiting list typically does not occur until the middle of May at the earliest, and is concluded by July 1.

If you have been placed on the Waiting List

Once you receive your decision letter, you will find out whether you have been placed on our waiting list or not. If you have, you can use the link in the letter (or any of the AMS links on this page) to access and complete the Waiting List Reply Form in the Forms section of your checklist, once you log into the Application Management System. If you complete the form, it will allow us to know whether you would like to remain on the waiting list or be removed from it.

Students on the waiting list are not expected or encouraged to visit campus from April to July. During this time, members of the Admissions Committee are unable to meet individually with applicants, and a visit to campus will not effect a change in your candidacy.

Visit our Waiting List FAQ page to learn more.

How to Make Updates

You do not need to submit additional recommendations to add to your application, but you may make updates.

Contact Information Updates: If you need to update your mailing address or your email address, you will be able do this by logging into our Application Management System. You will find the "Edit Address" link below your current address(es) and the "Change Email Address" link at the foot of the page.

Application Updates: Have important news? We hope you’ll let us know. You can send us an update by logging into our Application Management System and uploading a brief text file containing your news or additional materials (please don’t upload large files containing certificates or numerous images). At the foot of your application status page, you will see the heading "Upload Materials." You should type the news of your updates into a text file—such as Word—then upload that file along with any further certificates or other digital materials, as appropriate.