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Learning at Dartmouth

Studying kidneys in Bio 14 Physiology weekly lab, held in the Class of 1978 Life Sciences Center.

Dartmouth’s flexible year-round academic calendar opens vast possibilities for study, internships, and research abroad.

Hands-on research, working side-by-side with faculty, is a hallmark of the Dartmouth undergraduate education.

The Orozco mural cycle has been designated a national historic landmark and is housed in the library’s ground-level where students can study.

Picture yourself. Dartmouth is a different experience. It’s stepping into the role of researcher; bonding with your professor over coffee; exploring new intellectual frontiers; and thriving in a diverse community. If that sounds like you, then you belong here. We expect you to change the world—and we give you the tools to make it happen.

A Flexible Study Plan

Dartmouth’s year-round academic calendar of four 10-week terms allows you to decide when to study on campus—and when to use time away from Hanover to gain work experience, engage in service, be an intern, or study abroad.

Majors and Minors

Build the academic program that excites you intellectually: Combine one of more than 50 majors with your pick of minors, fine-tune a major with another discipline, or design a special major around your own passion.

Participate In Research

Under the mentorship of a Dartmouth professor, you can contribute to the creation of new knowledge through hands-on research.

Graduate students

Study Abroad & Off Campus

Dartmouth's distinctive Off-Campus Programs offer more than 40 options for studying other cultures and disciplines in depth.

Global Learning

Connect what you learn to where it matters most: the world.

Internships & Careers

At Dartmouth, you'll have opportunities to gain real-world experience that prepares you for success after college.


Explore, engage, excel. Deans and other advisors are here to help you make the most of your Dartmouth experience.