Admissions Apply


Choose your recommenders thoughtfully.

Dartmouth requires three recommendations and strongly encourages a fourth: A counselor recommendation and two teacher recommendations are required.  In addition, a peer recommendation is strongly encouraged. These different reflections help us understand your involvement and personality from various perspectives. We also accept two types of optional recommendations.

Recommendations for First-Year Applicants


  • Counselor Evaluation: The written evaluation from your counselor is included in your Secondary School Report.
  • 2 Teacher Evaluations: We want to know from your junior- or senior-year teachers of academic classes (math, history, etc.) what you are like in the classroom.

Strongly Encouraged


  • Arts Instructor: If you are submitting an arts supplement for review, please invite your arts instructor to submit a recommendation letter via Dartmouth Slideroom.
  • Additional Recommendation: You may submit an additional recommendation letter via the Common Application "Other Recommender" section.

Admission is need-blind: we’re interested in you, not your ability to pay

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Our invitation is open summer, fall, winter, or spring: visit us today.