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Religious & Spiritual Life

Dartmouth has more than 25 religious groups, many of which worship in the non-denominational Rollins Chapel.

Student gather for Passover Seder at Dartmouth’s Roth Center for Jewish Life.

Rollins Chapel is built from pink granite and sandstone trimmings. The chapel gargoyle is made from brown sandstone.

Rollins Chapel is used for Christian, Jewish, Muslim, Hindu, and Baha’i services, as well as gatherings for other student religious populations on campus.

This glazed polychrome ceramic tile panel incorporates elements traditionally associated with the decoration of the Islamic architectural element called a “mihrab.”

Find meaning. Seeking answers to life’s big questions doesn’t end in the classroom. At Dartmouth, you can engage in discourse about meaning, explore spirituality, and practice your faith through the resources of the William Jewett Tucker Center.

Diverse Faiths at Dartmouth

The Tucker Center celebrates the religious diversity at Dartmouth and supports students who wish to deepen their faith. The United Campus Ministry (UCM) is made up of 25 different student religious groups, representing Jewish, Hindu, Muslim, Christian, Buddhist and other faith traditions.