Our Faculty of Physical & Life Sciences Say:

Photo of Anne Kapuscinski talking with a student next to a fish tank

Professor Anne Kapuscinski

“If you can have some contact with nature, it taps into a love for beauty and life. It feeds into your sense of interconnection,” Kapuscinski says. To preserve this mentality for future generations, she “stresses a systems approach to sustainability challenges, integrating across ecological, social, and economic domains of the problem.”

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Photo of professor Devin Walker in front of a chalk board

Professor Devin Walker

“When I was first studying science, I found it really exciting that you could predict certain events. Think of the universe as speaking a language, or making music. There’s always the question of what kind of song is being played. That song is the motion of galaxies, and physicists try to figure out what that song is.”

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A photo of professor Hany Farid working with a student

Professor Hany Farid

“Hany’s seminal work in photo-forensics—a field he created—and in automated identification of alike images, has made the world less susceptible to fake news, safer for children, and harder for the spread of terror-related imagery,” says Associate Provost for Entrepreneurship and Technology Transfer Eric Fossum, a professor at Thayer School of Engineering.

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