Admissions Facts & Advice



  • If I re-take the standardized tests, which results does Dartmouth consider?

    We consider the highest component scores from the SAT, even if these results are from different dates. For the ACT, the committee considers the highest composite score and does not combine sub-scores from multiple test dates. 

  • When is the latest I can take the SAT or ACT?

    Early Decision (application deadline: November 1st)

    • Last test date for SAT, or Subject Test: November.

    • Last test date for ACT: October

    *Be sure the College Board or ACT knows you're applying to Dartmouth ED so we receive your scores when they're ready. You do not need to rush your scores.

    Regular Decision (application deadline: January 1st)

    • Last test date for SAT, Subject Test, or ACT: December.

  • What SAT Subject Test scores should I submit?

    We only consider your highest two SAT Subject Test scores from 2 different Subject Tests. It is totally fine to take both the Math I and Math II exams, or to take language exams in which you are a native speaker. (We generally discourage applicants from submitting two scores from the same language such as “Spanish” and “Spanish with listening,” unless they're also submitting scores from other exams.)

  • Should I take the SAT Subject Tests related to my academic interest or intended major?

    No, you may take whatever Subject Tests you choose.
    You'll probably do the best in subjects you like most and this can help us understand your academic strengths.
    Some subject tests scores may help with placement at Dartmouth and give you a head start on your desired concentration, but you will also have the opportunity to take placement exams during orientation.

  • What test scores will you look at if I have taken the SAT, Subject Tests, or ACT multiple times?

    We look at your best scores. If you submit scores from the SAT and ACT, we will look at whichever comparable score is higher. We don’t recommend excessive testing. Making the most out of your high school opportunities is more important than repeatedly taking standardized tests.

  • If I submit my ACT scores, do I also need to submit SAT Subject Test scores?

    We recommend that all applicants, regardless of if they are submitting ACT or SAT Test scores, submit two different SAT Subject Test scores.

  • Do I need to send in AP Exam scores with my application for admission?

    If you have AP scores, we strongly encourage you to submit those scores to us by reporting them under the "Tests" section of the Common Application.

  • Can I use Score Choice for the SAT? 

    Yes. Dartmouth permits the use of Score Choice. However, we encourage you to send us ALL of your scores.

  • Is there minimum test score on the SAT or ACT required for admission to Dartmouth?

    No. We review each application carefully, regardless of standardized testing results. Take a look at our recent testing stats, but keep in mind that we treat every application holistically. 

  • What is Dartmouth's policy concerning the new SAT?

    The College Board's redesigned SAT launched in spring 2016 and consist of two sections and an optional essay portion. If you are applying for admission to enroll at Dartmouth in the fall of 2017 or later, your results from either the old or the redesigned version of the SAT, with essay, will be accepted, we do not have a preference. However, we will consider your highest “superscored” results from either the old or the redesigned SAT; we will not combine scores from both versions. The ACT, with writing, will also remain an equally acceptable standardized test for application to Dartmouth. 

  • Will the writing (essay) section of the new SAT be required?

    Yes. Similar to the current SAT requirement, Dartmouth will require applicants to submit scores from the new SAT with essay.