Admissions Facts & Advice


Peer Recommendation

  • Who should write my peer reference?

    You might ask a friend from school, or camp, or your neighborhood. It might be a teammate, someone from your community of faith, or a co-worker.  Perhaps a cousin, a sibling: it doesn’t matter. We don’t want another letter from a teacher, coach, or other supervisory presence in your life; we have enough of those. Ask a peer who can provide fresh insight into your interests and your character.

  • My peer recommender does not speak English as her first language. Will you judge my application based on her writing?

    No, we are not grading the peer evaluation! Just be sure that the person who writes your Peer Rec can express your strengths and the qualities that you have to share.

  • I want my best friend to write my Peer Recommendation, but she is also applying to Dartmouth. Is it okay for her to write it?

    Honestly, we don't care who writes the recommendation, as long as this person is able to provide us with context about who you are, and what you could bring to our college community.

  • Where can I find the peer evaluation form?

    The form is available within the Common Application. Dartmouth requires one "Other Recommendation"—this is the peer evaluation.