Admissions Facts & Advice


Acceptance and Waiting List

  • If I am accepted and want to enroll at Dartmouth, do I send a deposit?

    No, Dartmouth does not require a deposit. Just complete the Admitted Students Reply Form on your personal portal page in Dartmouth's Application Management System and you will start receiving news about coming to Dartmouth!

  • What is a “likely letter”?

    A "likely letter" informs a student that his/her application has been reviewed and the probability of acceptance is high. All Ivy institutions use a small number of likely letters as a way to reassure highly recruited athletes and other outstanding applicants. Most students do not receive likely letters; it’s not the usual path to an acceptance. But if you get one, athlete or not, congratulations are in order!

  • What percentage of applicants are offered a place on the waiting list?

    The specific number changes from year to year, but typically fewer than 10 percent of all applicants.

  • I’m on the waiting list; should I submit additional information?

    During April you are welcome to submit a short update to your application. Past applicants on the waiting list have submitted spring term grades or a written update about their academic and extra-curricular pursuits. These may be submitted by following our "How to Make Updates"instructions. Transfer waiting list candidates may submit new material prior to May 20th.

  • I’m on the waiting list; should I visit campus to meet with an admissions officer?

    Students on the waiting list are not expected or encouraged to visit campus from April to July. During this time, members of the Admissions Committee are unable to meet individually with applicants, and a visit to campus will not effect a change in your candidacy.

  • I'm on the waiting list; how long until I hear anything?

    We will notify first-year admission waiting list candidates in early June with their admission decision. In the meantime, if you are on our waiting list, we recommend that you commit to another university.
    The transfer waiting list timeline is different from that of the first-year admission waiting list. If you are a transfer applicant and have been placed on the waiting list, please contact our office for answers to questions about the transfer waiting list timeline.

  • How do I remove my name from the waiting list?

    If you have already completed the Waiting List Reply Form in Dartmouth's Application Management System stating that you would like to be on our waiting list, you can't resubmit the form yourself, so you should simply send us an email requesting to be removed from further consideration.