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Image of Baker Tower in Summer
Mike Aaberg '18
Major: Neuroscience, Minor: Computer Sciences
Ada, MI
Photo of Kalei Akau '18
Kalei Akau '18
Major: Anthropology modified with Native American Studies, Minor: Government
Honolulu, HI
Anisha Ariff '19
Anisha Ariff '19
Majors: Government and Middle Eastern Studies, Minor: Public Policy
Phoenix, AZ
Photo of Nicolas Bagatelas '20
Nicolas Bagatelas '20
Major: Government
Dubai, United Arab Emirates
Adam Baillie
Adam Baillie '18
Major: Engineering Sciences
Suffolk, England
Photo of Maggie Baird '18
Maggie Baird '18
Majors: Linguistics, Theater
Charlottetown, PEI, Canada
Photo of Rachel Beck '19
Rachel Beck '19
Major: Geography, Minor: Film
Westport, CT
Photo of Nicole Beckman '20
Nicole Beckman '20
Major: Government, Minor: Public Policy
Pelham, NY
Photo of Marcus Berg '18;
Marcus Berg '18
Major: Sociology
Minneapolis, MN
Photo of Hanna Bliska '20
Hanna Bliska '20
Major: Environmental Studies, Minor: Public Policy
East Setauket, NY
Photo of Lucia Caballero '19
Lucia Caballero '19
Majors: Government and Geography
Santiago, Chile
Photo of Cristian Cano '20
Cristian Cano '20
Major: Biology, Minor: Music
Watauga, TX
Photo of Nick Caron '19
Nick Caron '19
Major: Government, Minors: Economics, History
Ridgewood, NJ
Photo of Zach Cherian '20
Zach Cherian '20
Interests: History, Art History
Palo Alto, CA
Photo of Emma Chiu '19
Emma Chiu '19
Major: Cognitive Science, Minor: Human-Centered Design
Palo Alto, CA
Photo of Vignesh Chockalingam '20
Vignesh Chockalingam '20
Major: Quantitative Social Science, Minor: Human-Centered Design
Arlington, MA
Photo of Steffi Colao'19
Steffi Colao'19
Major: Geography, Minor: Public Policy
Ridgefield, CT
Photo of Kenny Coleman '20
Kenny Coleman '20
Major: Government
Silver Spring, MD
Photo of Benjamin Cooper '18
Benjamin Cooper '18
Major: Computer Science, Minor: Digital Arts
Lexington, MA
Image of Baker Tower in Summer
Jacob Cruger '18
Major: Economics, Minor: Quantitative Social Sciences
Wilmette, IL
Photo of Dominique Dadekian '18
Dominique Dadekian '18
Major: Anthropology modified major, Minor: Spanish, Pre-health track
Merrimack, NH
Hana Dai '20
Hana Dai '20
Interests: Economics, Anthropology
Hanover, NH
Photo of Alexander Danilowicz '19
Alexander Danilowicz '19
Major: Computer Science
San Diego, CA
Photo of Trevor Davis '18
Trevor Davis '18
Major: Computer Science, Minors: Mathematics, Anthropology
Raleigh, NC
Photo of Ashley DuPuis '19
Ashley DuPuis '19
Majors: History and Government, Minor: Public Policy
Damascus, OR
Photo of Simon Ellis '20
Simon Ellis '20
Interests: Philosophy, Government, Environmental Science
Holualoa, Big Island Hawaii
Photo of Danielle Fang '20
Danielle Fang '20
Major: Computer Science modified with Economics, Minor: Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Portland, OR
Photo of Jordyn Fitch '20
Jordyn Fitch '20
Major: Film and Media Studies
Miramar, FL
Image of Baker Tower in Summer
John-John Fitz-Henley II '19
Majors: Economics and Quantitative Social Science
Durham, NC
Photo of Matthew Garvey '18
Matthew Garvey '18
Major: Psychology and Brain Sciences, Minor: Music, Pre-health track
Chicago, IL
Photo of Allison Gelman '18
Allison Gelman '18
Majors: History and Economics
Clarendon Hills, IL
Image of Baker Tower in Summer
Guillermo Gomez '19
Major: Philosophy, Cognitive Science
Tampa, FL
Photo of Alison Greene '20
Alison Greene '20
Major: Economics modified with Sociology
Darien, CT
Photo of Thomas Hart '19
Thomas Hart '19
Major: Government, Minor: Engineering Sciences
Santa Clarita, CA
Photo of Tim Holman '20
Tim Holman '20
Major: Government
Gates Mills, OH
Photo of Julia Huebner '20
Julia Huebner '20
Major: Anthropology, Minor: Human Centered Design
Chicago, IL
Photo of Amy-Marie Irvine '19
Amy-Marie Irvine '19
Major: Psychology and Brain Sciences and Brain Sciences, Pre-health track
Cary, NC
Photo of Katrina Keating '20
Katrina Keating '20
Major: Psychology and Brain Sciences
Hillsborough, CA
Photo of Jake Klein '20
Jake Klein '20
Major: Physics
Chappaqua, NY
Photo of Rachel Mashal '20
Rachel Mashal '20
Interests: Economics and Philosophy
Merrick, NY
Photo of Rachel Matsumoto '19
Rachel Matsumoto '19
Major: Psychology and Brain Sciences, Minor: International Studies
Phoenix, AZ
Photo of Victoria McCraven '19
Victoria McCraven '19
Major: Geography
Cheshire, CT
Photo of Drew McLaughlin '20
Drew McLaughlin '20
Interests: Economics, Spanish
Plymouth, NH
Photo of Paula Mendoza '19
Paula Mendoza '19
Major: Cognitive Science, Minor: Linguistics
Los Angeles, CA
Photo of Maya Moten '18
Maya Moten '18
Major: Engineering Sciences modified with Studio Arts, Minor: Digital Arts
Somerset, NJ
Photo of Himadri Narasimhamurthy '20
Himadri Narasimhamurthy '20
Interests: Computer Science and Philosophy
Kansas City, KS
Photo of Yumi Naruke '20
Yumi Naruke '20
Major: Film and Media Studies
Columbia, SC
Jaclyn Pageau '18
Jaclyn Pageau '18
Major: Theater
West Lebanon, NH
Photo of Sruti Pari '20
Sruti Pari '20
Major: Biology modified with Neuroscience
Princeton, NJ
Photo of Vinay Reddy '20
Vinay Reddy '20
Interests: Economics, Geography, Asian and Middle Eastern Studies
Wellesley, MA
Image of Baker Tower in Summer
Allie Reichert '18
Major: Philosophy, Minors: Anthropology of Global Health, Social Inequalities
Tampa, FL
Lindsey Reitinger '20
Lindsey Reitinger '20
Interests: Psychology and Brain Sciences and Mathematics
Seattle, WA
Photo of Ali Reynolds '20
Ali Reynolds '20
Major: Psychology and Brain Sciences, Minor: Linguistics
Hermon, ME
Image of Baker Tower in Summer
Rafael Rosas '20
Major: Mechanical Engineering, Minor: Environmental Studies
San Diego, CA
Photo of Amanda Royek '19
Amanda Royek '19
Major: Geography, Minor: Spanish
Savannah, GA
Photo of Valentina Sedlacek '18
Valentina Sedlacek '18
Senior Fellowship, Anthropology modified with Global Health Majors, Minor: Hispanic Studies
Hanover, NH
Kylee Sibilia '20
Kylee Sibilia '20
Major: English
Denver, CO
Photo of Sumita Strander '18
Sumita Strander '18
Major: Anthropology modified with neuroscience
Albion, MI
Photo of Lucy Tantum '19
Lucy Tantum '19
Major: Anthropology, Minors: Biology and Spanish
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Photo of Nico Turk '19
Nico Turk '19
Major: Economics
O'Fallon, IL
Photo of Sera Tuz '19
Sera Tuz '19
Major: Engineering Sciences
Dallas, TX
Photo of Alex Vasques '18
Alex Vasques '18
Major: Engineering modified w/Economics, Minor: Chinese
Alexandria, VA
Photo of Kristen Virkler '18
Kristen Virkler '18
Major: Engineering Sciences
Los Angeles, CA
Claire Votava '18
Claire Votava '18
Major: History modified with Chemistry
Los Angeles, CA
Photo of Iris Wang '20
Iris Wang '20
Interests: Economics and Earth Sciences
San Francisco Bay Area, CA
Photo of Hana Warmflash '20
Hana Warmflash '20
Major: Biology
Portland, OR
Photo of Julianna Werffeli '18
Julianna Werffeli '18
Major: Quantitative Social Science
Seattle, WA