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Financial Aid

Dartmouth participates in the Yellow Ribbon and GI Bill programs. These much-deserved benefits will reduce student contribution to the budget. We will make Dartmouth affordable for our nation’s vets.

Yellow Ribbon Program Questions

Does Dartmouth participate in the Yellow Ribbon Program? How does that work at Dartmouth?
Yes, we participate fully in the Yellow Ribbon Program (YRP) without limitation on the number of students. Veteran's benefits are included as a resource when we determine your eligibility for Dartmouth financial aid.

The Yellow Ribbon Program supplements the tuition & fee benefit portion of the Post 9/11 GI Bill® to ensure that the full cost of tuition and fees are covered. The YRP agreement certifies that if there is a difference between tuition and fees billed for the term and the amount covered by the Post 9/11 GI Bill®, the VA will pay half of the difference and Dartmouth will cover the remaining half of the difference for students with 100% entitlement eligibility.

How does one become eligible for the VA funding (both required service and any paperwork)?
The percentage of eligibility is service related. Families should speak with a VA counselor or visit the VA website for this information. First apply to the VA for an eligibility certificate, which is submitted to the College. The Registrar then reports to the VA the student enrollment information and charges for tuition and fees.

If I am eligible do I automatically get 100% of tuition covered?
If your service qualifies you for 100% eligibility, the combination of the GI Bill® and the YRP would cover tuition and fees. If you have a lower percentage of eligibility, that percentage is applied to the GI Bill® benefit and you are not eligible for the YRP supplement.

Does the GI Bill® cover all other billable expenses?
In addition to tuition and fees, the GI Bill® provides a housing allowance (based on E-5 with dependents at the location of the school) and a book and supply allowance of $1,000 (based on full-time enrollment). Only the tuition and fee portion of the benefit is paid to the school. The housing and book allowance is paid to the student on a monthly basis and can be used to pay billed charges.

Post 9/11 benefits may be transferred to a dependent, so the child of a veteran can become eligible. All veteran benefits are treated like outside scholarships in the determination of eligibility for Dartmouth scholarship funding.